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Train Your Team and Your Customers

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A business owner can boost average dollar sales by training his sales team as well as his customers. Sales scripts are one of the most powerful tools in a salesperson’s tool box, and can help boost sales as well as customer service.

Train Your Team:

This is possibly the least utilized marketing tool in business. By training his team on how to up and on sell products, a business owner can dramatically increase his average dollar sale. His sales team needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the products and services they are selling.

This helps make customers feel more comfortable when making a major purchase knowing that they’re dealing with professionals.

Here are some useful hints and tips on training your team for achieving great business success:

  • Constantly educate sales team members about what you offer and how it works.
  • On the technical front, sales team members should know as much as you.
  • Have a reward system in place that encourages sales team members to up and on sell. Remember, these sales are like the icing on the cake.
  • Think of the time you spend training your sales team as one of the best investments you can make.

Use Sales Scripts:

Sales scripts work extremely well when used correctly. They must be used by every sales person, every time. An example would be to say “Hi, have you been in here before?” instead of “Hi, can I help you?” The first question starts a conversation whereas the second prompts a “No, I’m just looking”, response 90 percent of the time.

Scripts should include add-on products that the customer may need, to go with their original purchase.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using sales scripts for boosting sales:

  • Train everyone to use scripts every time.
  • Spend time analyzing what scripts work best; then be prepared to change them.
  • Scripts aren’t just for telemarketing; they should be a standard form on interaction, every time a customer calls or comes into personal contact with your business.

Train Your Customers:

You need to educate your customers as to any additional products and services that you offer. You also need to train them to keep coming back to your store. This can be done by keeping in touch with them and providing a level of service that no one else can offer.

Here are some useful hints and tips on training your customers to buy your product:

  • Make sure customers are constantly informed as to what you do and what you offer.
  • If you start doing anything different, tell them immediately.
  • Keep consistent contact with your customers.
  • Reward regular patronage and let the customers know about it.
  • Offer a gift or special discount if they refer you to a friend.

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