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Training Your Sales Team

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It is a good idea to have consistency in everything and the business owner must have high standards in everything, including the dress code.

High Dress Standards and Uniforms:

People base much of their decision on your appearance. If you look sleazy, customers will expect you to be a rip-off merchant. If you look professional, they will prefer to deal with you. Uniforms are ideal, as they add credibility and the feeling that the customer is dealing with a well established, big organization. Name tags also work well, and allow the customer to feel they know you.

Here are some useful hints and tips for high dress standards:

  • Research colors and styles and ensure your selection not only looks good but matches the image you’re trying to project. For example a funeral home uniform should look different from a holiday resort.
  • Try asking the customers what they would like to see you wear.
  • Also ask your team… if they don’t feel comfortable, they won’t look comfortable.

Sales Scripts:

Absolutely essential whatever business you’re in. Once you find the right (or very close to right) way to sell something to someone, why change it? Write down exactly what you said, then do that every time. And make sure your team do the same. Every customer is different, but the objective is always the same: match the product to the buyer.

You should have scripts for everything – from answering the phone to saying good-bye.

Here are some useful hints and tips on creating and using a winning sales script:

  • Have a script prepared for every situation.
  • Make sure every team member has a copy.
  • Write the scripts in such a way they are easy to ‘talk’ – nothing sounds sillier than a string of long words.  Use questions most of all.
  • Test, measure and be prepared to change any scripts with a lackluster performance.

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