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Using Lay-Away As a Selling Technique For Boosting Sales

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A business owner can boost average dollar sale by providing Lay-Away.

Allow Lay-Away:

A great way to get people to buy products that they can’t really afford right now and increase your average dollar sale. It has the added advantage of bringing them into your store on a regular basis to make payments.

Obviously this gives you the chance to show them any new products which you can attempt to sell them.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using a Lay-Away as a selling technique to boost sales:

  • Make sure you’ve got the margins to pay for the extra administration.
  • Use it as a selling point in your marketing and promotion – many of your competitors may not be offering it.
  • Look for seasonal surges like Christmas so you can target people 6 months out from these dates when people are going to want to take delivery of the product.
  • Never miss an opportunity to on sell when they come in to make payments.

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