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Using Payment Plans to Boost Sales

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Using payment plans and financing options are great ways of increasing your conversion rate.

Use Payment Plans & Financing:

This can get you over one of the biggest and most common hurdles – the price objection. If anyone says ‘Can’t afford it’, you can say ‘But there is a way’. Most customers love credit; it allows them to have things they can’t really afford. Thankfully, most don’t consider that it all catches up in the end.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using payment plans to attract more customers:

  • Wait till there’s a price objection then use your payment plan option.
  • Breakdown the total into palatable chunks – “That’s only $75 a month”.
  • Make sure they have the ability to pay back if your burdened with the debt (no problem with credit cards).

Take Credit Cards, Checks & Eftpos/ATM:

There’s no good reason not to; if someone wants to give you money, take it in whatever form they offer it. There are set-up costs, but most businesses find the investment is worth it.

There are now agencies that can help you ;check on checks;. You simply dial a number and find out if there’s enough money. No more bounced checks, and no more reason to not take them.

Here are some useful hints and tips on using credit cards, checks and ATMs:

  • People expect different methods of payment – so offer it!
  • Have all options available so there are no lame objections like “I’ll only buy from places where I can get Bonus Points”.
  • Use credit checking and clearance companies to check on the larger amounts before you proceed with the sale.

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