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Why Time Does Not Equal Money?

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There is much used saying that “Time is Money”. Is one sense this could be true. But let’s take a close look at the relationship between time and money.

To do this we’ll look at a hypothetical situation. Just imagine if you can selling all your assets; your house; your car; furniture; everything you have accumulated over many years. You clean out your bank accounts, your building society saving accounts, withdrawing all the money as cash.  You empty your pockets and hunt round the house to find every last penny you can scrape together. You cancel all your credit card accounts and loans so you only deal in cash.

You create a pile of all that cold hard cash, stuff it into a suitcase and fly out to Las Vegas. Entering the first casino you come to you place every last penny on one bet, one roll of the roulette wheel. And you lose!

After a few moments contemplation you rise from your seat at the roulette table and walk out the casino. You have no money, none. But from that point forward you make a decision to earn back all the money you lost and much more! And you can do this. You can do it because that is the nature of money. Spend it all and you can go out and earn it back. It may take you weeks, months, or even years but you can get it back.

Now, is the same thing true of time? You have probably invested 30 second so far in reading this text. Is there any way you can get that time back? No. There is no way. Once you spend time it stays spent forever. Why is this important? Well because if you think this way then time becomes your most precious resource- much more precious than money.

But what about the relationship between time and money? It is straightforward. Time does not equal money, but how you spend your time will play a significant part in determining how much money you can have. Spend your time carefully and wisely. Plan how you can best invest your time and the reward of money will follow!

As a business owner you need to be constantly thinking and planning how and where you are going to invest your time to get the best reward for your investment.

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