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Why You Should Use Sales Scripts In Your Business

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Absolutely essential whatever business you’re in. Once you find the right (or very close to right) way to sell something to someone, why change it? Write down exactly what you said, and do that every time. And make sure your team does the same. Every customer is different, but the objective is always the same match the product to the buyer. You should have scripts for everything from answering the phone to saying goodbye.

Scripts are very important to your conversion rate. If you change what you say to each different customer, how can you expect to be consistent? It’s vitally important that you test and measure a variety of scripts to find the most effective one for you and your product.

You’ll probably get sick of hearing it after a while but your customers won’t, particularly if they haven’t heard it before. Even regular customers won’t notice that you’re using virtually the same pitch that you used the last time they were in your store. Remember that you’re the only person who hears it day in day out. To your customers it’s as new and effective as the first time you used it.

A sales script is an actual “script”, outlining the exact words to say when dealing with a customer. There is no business that wouldn’t benefit from using a sales script from the smallest to the biggest.

For example, a bed store could write down the entire sales process, from the greeting, to the questions you ask every customer, right up to the final words you use to close the sale.

Sales scripts work extremely well when used correctly. They must be used by every sales person, every time. An example would be to say “Hi have you been in here before?” instead of “Hi can I help you.” Scripts should include add on products that the customer may need to go with their original purchase.

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