Mike McKay, Partner and Licensed Coach
Mike gets up every day to do what he does best – coach business owners and entrepreneurs to perform at their highest level, so they can live a better life, and the people around them can live a better life as well.   His drive is the pursuit of decisive results. Mike is an award winning global top 15 coach.  With experience in the public and privately held business community, Mike started his business in 2012, merging with Susan to create ActionCOACH of Madison, LLC in 2014.

Phone: 608-441-7862

Email: MikeMckay@actioncoach.com

Sharon Chamberlain, Licensed Coach
For decades, Sharon provided enlightened and actionable recommendations based on consumer data.  She shares her insights to help clients’ businesses prosper. Known as a trailblazer in the community by bringing together diverse groups to tackle important issues, Sharon brings significant experience to ActionCOACH.  She’s known for founding the highly-respected Chamberlain Research Associates team, spending 9 years at Wisconsin Gas, and as the first executive on the Citizens Utility Board.

Phone: 608-441-7864

Email: SharonChamberlian@actioncoach.com

Susan Thomson, Partner & Licensed Coach
It’s lonely at the top, and Susan is on a mission to change that.  She’s driven to help leaders make connections, have a safe environment to vet their experiences, and help them gain confidence and skills to transform the businesses and people they have into the businesses and people they want. An award-winning, global top 100 coach since 2010, and co-founder of ActionCOACH of Madison, Susan’s building our local team to make these coaching resources available to Wisconsin business leaders.

Phone: 608-441-7861

Email: SusanThomson@actioncoach.com

Carmen Hidalgo, Program Director
Carmen is an experienced administrative professional who radiates competence and proficiency to achieve high quality results. Her positive energy, thoroughness, and efficiency are something that our team depends on every day! She is passionate about understanding all aspects of a business and developing a productive work environment to delight both clients and peers.



Email: CarmenHidalgo@actioncoach.com


Kory Dogs Headshot IMG_30757 (1)

Kory Dogs, Licensed Coach

Kory has experience as a past and current business owner and has 20 years of experience in the consulting industry – including 12 years in upper management for large, publicly traded corporations. He has helped build successful teams and companies everywhere he has been and has also been a major contributor to the massive growth of those companies. Kory’s passion is to help area businesses grow and, in turn, have a positive impact on their communities.

Phone: 608-441-7863

Email: KoryDogs@actioncoach.com