How to Keep Your Team Engaged

How to Keep Your Team Engaged
You can hire people, you can fire people, and you can tell them what to do. What you can’t do is make them like what they do. Some business leaders are content with having an unhappy team; as long as they do what they are paid to do then […]

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Simple Staff Systems to Save You Time

The simple truth is that most entrepreneurs are not that interested in managing people. They started businesses because they had a good business idea, and that’s where they want to spend their time. Of course, another truth is that no business will be sustainable if its people are not well managed. The good news […]

Do You Inspire Your Staff? Try it – You May Like It

My experience tells me that a very small percentage of company presidents, managers and supervisors truly inspire their staff. They might build solid teams, set clear expectations and reach most of their goals, but they fail to inspire their people to reach and become better.

But if you’re building effective teams and getting adequate results, […]

Is Your Staff Focused On Where Your Firm Needs To Go?

Setting clear and meaningful goals will ensure your employees are consistently targeting expected outcomes
Chances are good you could probably run down your list of direct reports and provide me with a fairly detailed summary of what each person needs to accomplish by 5 p.m.

However, what if I asked what you wanted your staff to […]

The Bullpen Concept for Your Hiring

One of the biggest challenges that any business owner has is hiring the right people for the job.  That can be compounded when an employee leaves without any notice.  The business owner then goes into scramble mode trying to hire a “Warm Body” to fill the vacuum left by the departing employee.  Many times […]

Arrogance and Incompetence – The Deadly Elixir of Poor Performance

The Peter Principle tells us that a person will rise to their level of incompetence.  This may be true in all sorts of endeavors.  However most individuals when they reach this level will willingly ask for assistance or will be demoted or terminated once it’s shown they cannot do the job.

The challenge for leaders […]

Creating a Great Team: The Top Team Building Activities

Team building activities are essential to create a happy, productive and closely-knit team. However, the issue is deciding on the purpose of these activities. Which ones are most effective? The best team building activities? Here are the top 4 picks:
Poker Tower
Make groups of 5 and distribute a pack of poker cards and a pair […]