5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid

5 Networking Event Mistakes to Avoid
Most business professionals encounter networking events at some point in their career. Sometimes they run smoothly and other times they’re just plain awkward. Networking requires skill and is often time-consuming. Rather than giving up on it completely, though, our ActionCOACH team is here to help. Increase the value of these […]

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10 By 10 Marketing Plan

The 10 by 10 marketing plan is utilizing ten different mediums of advertising or Marketing.  It is literally strategizing so that not all of your “eggs” are in one basket.  You should have your Marketing budget diversified enough so that if one form of advertising fails, your entire marketing plan does not fall apart.

Different […]

Modern Marketing

Are you wasting money on marketing that is no longer reaching your prospective clients?

Traditional “interruption” marketing is losing its effectiveness in today’s market place. Why? Consumers are changing; previously people sat though the ads on TV, now with TV on demand and the use of items like TIVO and online viewing, they’re missing your […]

Holiday Networking

As the holiday season is upon us, many of you are wondering if this is a good time to market your business. After all, isn’t everyone preoccupied with shopping and waiting until next year to make business decisions?

Let’s put one myth to rest forever: “The holiday season is a bad time to market your […]

The Value of a Host Beneficiary

How do you get leads in your business? Typical responses include:

Direct Market
Web sites/internet
Strategic Alliances

There is one opportunity that is often overlooked and that is a host beneficiary.

This is often confused with strategic alliances, but they are different. In a strategic alliance, you are going to introduce each other to each other’s clients so it […]

Converting Leads into Customers

One of the biggest tragedies I see in business is watching a business owner spend significant time and effort generating leads for their business, but then not acting on them in a logical, methodical, repeatable way to convert those leads into paying customers.

You haven’t done that in your business have you? But I’ll bet […]

How To Work Less for More Profit

When I talk with professional business owners about building their business, I often get an interesting response… “No more. Please! No more! I couldn’t handle any more work; I’m flat out as it is.” This seems strange, because many times their business is far from what would be considered massively profitable and by their […]

Lead Generation

So what is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is converting “suspects”- people who have never heard of your business into “prospects”-people who have inquired about your business. At ACTION we have 73 different strategies to generate leads.

There are three major rules to follow in generating leads. First, you need to TEST and MEASURE how many leads […]

Excuse Me, May I Buy That Customer Please?

Preposterous! Buy a customer? Outrageous! Begging for customers, pleading for new clients, laying out breadcrumbs to lead unsuspecting customers in the door… Just how do you see bringing new customers into your business?

Have you ever just put an ad out there, whether it be on the radio, on TV, in a newspaper or even […]

Increasing Profits with Lead Generation

My focus is helping you achieve your business goals; be that a certain profit level, a quality of life or the ability to sell the business and retire. For any of these goals, creating a consistent, high level of profits is critical. So for the next five months we’ll be reviewing the 5 Steps […]