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Fitter or Fatter: How will you and your business be after the COVID Crisis?

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After weeks of isolation. Layoffs and furloughs, business closures, remote working, social distancing and lock downs have forced many businesses to dramatically pivot and alter their normal operations. Even for businesses that have been temporarily closed, as we all face reopening in a new normal health environment. Brad Sugars, CEO and founder of ActionCOACH and best-selling business author poses the question; will you be fitter or fatter as you prepare to restart your business?

Those who have taken time to add to their skills, have continued to learn and have kept themselves informed will be fitter. These business owners have continued to stay on top of the important factors which impact their industry and their sector. They are up-to-date on policies, government assistance programs and have ensured that their organization is equipped to function during and after the crisis.

  • Those who have created new means of operations, identified was to produce new products or deliver of services and have successfully transitioned their staff to working remotely have found new channels and models to supplement income today and in the future. Your business will be fitter as you come out of the crisis.
  • Those who have master managing teams remotely have opened a huge pool of personnel to choose from now. They understand that staff doesn’t have to be in one place or come to one office. Your business will be fitter because you can draw from the best talent worldwide. Again, these leaders and organizations will be fitter.
  • Those that have adjusted processes and systems to work leaner and have become more agile in pivoting operations will be fitter because they have learned how to quickly respond to the needs of their customers and potential customer more effectively faster.
  • Those that have continued to take care of themselves, by exercising, eating well and spending time feeding their souls will come out of this crisis fitter than before.
  • Those using this time to get some home projects or important personal affairs in order or completed are using their time in a positive manner. Those people will be fitter as we transition out of crisis.

For those that have used the time at home positively, have reconnected with family, and have used the time in reflection to improve themselves will be fitter as we come back to a new normal. We have found out how important it is to be connected even when isolated. Getting creative and using virtual tools to play games, share movie night, and have virtual happy hours to stay connected.

Hopefully, most of us have found positive ways to get fitter. Learning lessons so we can transform and be better, stronger and are ready to run when this crisis ebbs.

Those that haven’t used this time to be proactive you are “fattening up”. You are going to be slower, sluggish and sedentary. You and the business will not be able to move quickly and respond changes in the marketplace. The “fatter” business can’t be nimble or agile because they are mired in old ways of doing things or processes that don’t respond to the current conditions.

While many animals fatten up to prepare for the scarcity of winter, if businesses only fatten up for the short term, they can only survive for a short period of time. When they come out of their dens and look around for possibilities, they are likely going to be gone because competitors are faster, and more fit to jump on new opportunities first.

Take a look at the quick video and answer the question for yourself and your business. Will you be fitter or fatter?

Fitter or Fatter … in business, financially and personally how will you come out of lockdown …#business #health

Posted by Bradley J Sugars on Thursday, April 16, 2020


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