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How Applying Leverage Can Get You Massive Business Results

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Today, Brad Sugars, CEO & Founder of ActionCOACH discusses Leverage as it relates to the type of work business owners need to do to get massive results in their business.

Too often Business Owners focus on the 80% of work that gets them 20% of the results. This as defined by Brad is Employee work. Necessary, but continuing to devote most of your time as an owner on this type of activity will not move the needle forward as fast as you need it to go in today’s every changing marketplace. Instead Sugars, focus is to find the 20% of work that gives you 80% of the result. This he calls OWNER or Leader’s work.  Using this approach you are choosing areas of your business that make real, lasting and impactful different to your bottom-line.

No longer buried under the tedium of minor tasks that don’t actually result in increased sales or profits or revenue is not OWNER’s work. Identifying where you have leverage to move your business forward faster and more profitably is critical.

In the short video which follows, Brad outlines how to get started identifying the 25 Leverage points in your business that will make the biggest and most noticeable change in its future.Applying Leverage to Your Business for Massive Results

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Your ActionCOACH will not only provide you with the advice that you need, but will continue to follow up with you and evaluate your progress. Your personal growth will be nurtured and fostered as you grow and flourish within the program. Your ActionCOACH will construct an Action Plan that will put your goals and plans onto paper and hold you accountable for your own actions. No matter how long it takes, we will not leave your side until we know you are ready to soar.


Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.