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Killing the Scarcity Mindset

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Having a scarcity mindset means that you fear losing everything and that there is only a certain amount of success available in the world. It can make you shy away from taking risks and make you generally miserable. But, it’s a habit. And like most habits, it can be changed.


1. Make the Decision

Changing your scarcity mindset is a process. The first step of that process is deciding that you want to change. Break your goals down into snackable chunks.

You also have to acknowledge that your former mindset was not working for you, and was, in fact, holding you back. Tell yourself that you’re tired of worrying about problems popping up with your business, and reassure yourself that when they do, you’ll find a way to handle it.  Your new mantra is abundance. Everything abundance.


2. Don’t Stray from the Path

Most entrepreneurs already have an abundance mindset, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get knocked off of the straight and narrow. Stay focused. Keep working toward your goal, even when failures and setbacks abound. Even an optimistic outlook doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need to swim against the stream from time to time.

3. Contemplate the Obstacles

Having an abundance mindset doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen, and it doesn’t mean that obstacles won’t pop up.  With your new mindset, you must anticipate potential problems and strategize how to overcome them.

4. Good Habits-Get Some

Create strong goals and employ the habits that will help you reach those goals. Networking is a key tool in your toolbox of building a community.   Once you have an abundance mindset, the world is yours. 


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