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Repeat Business = Profitability

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Brad Sugars, the CEO & Founder of ActionCOACH discusses why repeat business means higher profitability for businesses regardless of size. Getting existing customers to buy more and more often not only establishes a loyal base, it provides a steady flow of revenue.

In the brief VLOG included below you will get 6 Steps To Get Repeat Business in your organization. Here are the steps, Sugars will discuss in more detail in the video.

  1. Build a Database – Collect names and contact information to grow a customer database you can market to often and regularly.
  2. Create Offers  –  Reward your current customers and entice them to return
  3. Deliver Excellent Customer Service – Offer a stellar customer experience – that includes; Making it easy to buy from your business; Deliver what your customers expect; Make sure every interaction is a “WOW” moment that exceeds the customer’s expectations.
  4. Ongoing Product Development – Continue to add produces and services to keep customers engaged
  5. Create a “Buy Forever” Program – Keep customers coming back regularly via subscriptions, memberships program etc…
  6. Focus on the 80/20 Rule – Have a way to LEVEL UP your customers so they become the 20% of your customer base  that yields 80% of your profits.

A certified, professional business coach can help a business owner establish these principals in any business. ActionCOACH Business coaches are available worldwide and work with any size business. To get a FREE COACHING Session, click here.

To learn more about Brad Sugars or ActionCOACH visit www.actioncoach.com.

Here’s why you need to focus on getting your customers back over and over again … Repeat business equals …

Posted by Bradley J Sugars on Wednesday, September 9, 2020


Carmen Gigar is the Chief Marketing Officer for ActionCOACH Global.