Since growing your business is necessary, it’s important to attract the right kind of prospects.  Have you ever wondered why you weren’t able to close the sale? You have to examine your prospects’ behaviors and identify their patterns.  But these are only 2 things you need to do to close the deal.  Here is a more detailed guide to start converting those prospects to sales.

1 – Customer Behavior:  Are they a loyal customer?  What drove them to your business?  Have they ever been to one of your events?

2 – Buying Patterns: When do they visit your website?  Did they sign up for a free trial or a whitepaper download?  Did they attend an event or one of your webinars?

3 – Lead Scoring:  Use a Lead Scoring program to gather data to help determine where you’re catching your customers.

4 – Optimizing Funnel Stages:  First, identify the different stages of the sales funnel.  Then, continue to research and analyze the ongoing process, monitoring your prospects’ data.

Paying close attention to where your prospects are coming from AND where you’re losing them, will allow you to pinpoint why you’re not closing the sale.

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