Tips for making social media marketing work for YOU

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’re using social media in some capacity.  But to really make the most of the networks, you need to use them properly.  Social Media marketing can benefit your business, but you need to make sure you’ve developed and you’re implementing an effective strategy.

Here are a few helpful […]

Marketing on a Budget

Small businesses don’t always have a big budget for marketing.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of marketing ideas that can stretch your dollars.  Here are some of those ideas:

1 – Great Content

If you create content yourself, it not only saves money, but it’s original.  Try researching top Google trends or best practices in […]

Planning for 2017

Thanksgiving just ended.  Christmas is around the corner, and so is the new year.  It will be 2017 before we know it.  As a business owner, it’s time to start planning ahead.  We all want to keep our business up and running, so here are a few tips to thrive in 2017:

Think about your […]

Building Equity in Your Business

The start of 2017 is slowly creeping up on all of us.  It’s that time of the year when most business owners are thinking about profit goals they want to hit for the following year.  Do you have a profit goal?  What about a top line revenue number?  Do you know how to build […]

Building blocks of creating a business that you can work ON and not IN.

This is a proven and progressive, step-by-step approach that helps clarify company objectives and produces consistent profits over time.  6 Steps is like a ladder.  Each rung of the ladder are dependent on one another and each works to propel the other forward.


1. Mastery
The first level, Mastery, focuses on the fundamentals of building […]

Make Social Media Work For Your Business

Like most business owners, you are probably using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But, are you using them properly?  If you understand the audience for each outlet then you’ll be able to develop an effective strategy to market accordingly.


Trying to keep up with all the social networks can be […]

Turn your Customers into Raving Fans

A fan is defined as having an intense, occasionally overwhelming enthusiasm for something of interest (sport, company, product, service, idea, etc).  Fans of your business will stick with you through thick and thin, good times and bad times, the pretty and the ugly, and more.  They love your business!  They stand beside you!  They […]

11 Tips for Hiring New Employees

When an entrepreneur hires an employee, remember no matter how competent they are, they will still need to be trained for their position.  And they also need guidance and support.  Here are some helpful ways to make sure your new employees get the best out of their new workplace.

 Ask your new employees how they would […]

Now Introducing…Networking Events

We want to introduce you to…

Triad’s Comprehensive List of NETWORKING EVENTS

We believe in the power of a good network and connections should not just be online.  A network that stays online is not much of a network at all.

Just click HERE for a list of events.  Our comprehensive list offers business owners the opportunity to network with others […]